Negro is a docu-series exploring identity, colonization, racism and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean and the color complex among Latinos. Through candid interviews from Latinos, the social manifestations and consequences of the deep-seated color complex is deconstructed. 

'Negro' was bourne of my life-long interest in the African Diaspora and the cultures and resilient way of living it descendants fostered and pioneered. Growing up as a first generation-American, child of Panamanian immigrants, I went through no identity crisis thanks to a strong familial foundation. It was American's misinformed perception of what a 'Latino' or 'Hispanic' was, that was projected on me. I found it interesting to say the least and as time went on, I found it even more curious at how Latinos even perceived themselves and others from Latin America. A pervading trend being color and appearance and the attitudes that prevail from both. It all started on the streets of Rio, March 2011 when a young Brasiliero, engaged my friend and I on the politics of color in Brazil, ending our conversation with 'It's bad to be Black in the World.' The wheels started turning and just 4 months later, I started on the docu-series, heading to Colombia and the Dominican Republic and this year, Puerto Rico to explore the effects of colonization, color complex, colorism, racism, media portrayals, stereotypes and the African root in Latin America. Latinos are not a monolith. There is no one look or concept of race for us. We are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow and our experiences and identities reflect that. This will open the dialogue to conversations that have not been had out in the open thus far. This docu-series explores the history and present attitudes of race, color, self identification and social interaction among Latinos from Latinos themselves. Through candid interviews you will see the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolute beauty of Latinos’ perceptions of their culture. This project aims to unite, it is to offer insight into a present and future united global community through candid dialogue, truth, awareness, acceptance and appreciation

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