Black behind the Ears: Dominican Racial Identity from Museums to Beauty Shops by Ginetta E. B. Candelario

Blackness in Latin America & the Caribbean Edited byNorman E. Whitten, Arlene Torres

Racial Subordination in Latin America: The Role of the State, Customary Law, and the New Civil Rights Response by Tanya Katerí Hernandez 

Calunga and the Legacy of an African Language in Brazil  by Steven Byrd

Why The Cocks Fight  by Michele Wucker

Blacks and Blackness in Central America - Between Race and Place Edited by Lowell Gudmundson and Justin Wolfe 

Race & Ethnicity in Latin America  by Peter Wade 

Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellion, Volume 1 By Junius P. Rodriguez  

Discrimination in Latin America: An Economic Perspective Edited by Hugo Nopo, Alberto Chong, Andrea Moro

Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and Artistic Revolution in Havana by Robin Dale Moore

Blackness in the White Nation A History of Afro-Uruguayby George Reid Andrews

‘Let Spirit Speak!’ Cultural Journeys Through the African Diaspora edited by Vanessa K. Valdés.

Women Warriors of the AfroLatina Diaspora By Marta Moreno Vega, Marinieves Alba, Yvette Modestin

Afro-descendants, Identity and the Struggle for Development in the Americas Edited by Bernd Reiter and Kimberly Eison Simmons


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Black Women of Brazil 

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CBC Documentary: Big SugarBig Sugar explores the dark history and modern power of the world’s reigning sugar cartels. 

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