"The work looks amazing." -Junot Diaz

"I was soooo inspired !!! Your project on educating the world about Afro-Latinos through your documentary Negro, is so amazing.” -Jisela Rodriguez

Though the issue is very sad, it’s beautiful how so many conscious people are in this documentary speaking their stories. I’m a Black-American and I do have relatives from Mexico and I hardly know much about them because I felt we were too different to even get to know each other. This documentary has changed my mind,” 

"Viva los afrodescendientes! viva latinos! I love this. I have shared this as much as possible! Keep up the good work” 

"Loving this docu-series! I cannot wait to see what’s coming next. Very proud of how this project is portraying *us*! -Lidia Anain

"You have no idea how much your first piece has amazed me in every level. I related to every single second if it. I relate to this documentary so much I cannot even begin to write down all the things that are in my mind…it’s insane to see a series just about me. That is literally me. It has touched me beyond words….I can’t even wrap my head around it. Please keep up the good work. i support you.” -Jasmine Oufkir Cruz

okay this is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

"I’m "just" an AA brotha from Jersey who speaks very poor Spanish…must say this was very encouraging and powerful to see and listen to. For most of my years my focus has been on Africa - ancestors from Sierra Leone (Temne tribe) and Nigeria (Fulani tribe and Hausa tribe)….last few years I’ve awakened to all the brothers and sisters in the Americas….powerful, encouraging and liberating."

I came across your YouTube channel, and I admit I watched video after video… I am so happy that you are producing these videos. The subject matter of race is so deep rooted, and the mini docs are so informing to many. I simply love your channel :) -Lita