From Non-profit Consulting To Empowering Black Women: My First 6-Figure Year

It’s been fun walking down memory lane this week! Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

So back in 2007, I started a blog, which led to me launching my first business as a nonprofit consultant, speaker and coach in 2008.

For 2 years, I ran my business on the side, earning an extra $10,000-$20,000 a year on top of my 9 to 5 salary.

In 2010, I resigned from my job and I’ve been working for myself full-time ever since!

2010 was also the year I started my second blog. It was called “Diary of a Happy Black Woman” and at first, I just used it as a personal online diary to document my journey of transforming my life, building my business, dating in DC and traveling the world.

As I began to write about my experiences, I connected with hundreds of other women who were on the same path. Through the stories and lessons I shared, I discovered that lots of women wanted to live a similar lifestyle of happiness, success and freedom. Within a few years, that blog evolved into a supportive online community of like-minded women.

After a while, my tribe started asking me HOW I did it. So I began helping other Black women to uplevel their mindset and launch their own businesses as well. It became clear to me that there was an opportunity to do more to support my tribe and I was excited to go into a new direction.

So I decided to shut down my nonprofit consulting business. And in 2013, I officially turned Happy Black Woman from a blog into a full-time company.

A year later, I had grown it to over $100,000 in revenue! 2014 was my first 6-figure year. Since then, my business has consistently generated between $250K-$1M in revenue each year.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been able to go from $0 and an ugly little blog to a profitable business and empowerment brand for women, publishing 2 books, hosting a podcast with over 900K downloads, leading dozens of events, speaking all over the country and being featured in numerous media outlets.

But none of this happened by accident.

Every day, I had to do the work to bring in clients consistently.

In fact, throughout the last 10 years, there are just a few steps that I’ve followed, over and over again, to grow my businesses and maintain my location-independent lifestyle.

These steps became the basis for the strategies that I now teach in my courses to help my clients create successful businesses, too.

What I’ve learned is that long as you keep going and NEVER give up – you WILL succeed. It’s just a matter of time.

Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about your goals –

I believe in your dream.

I honor your vision.

I love who you are now and I absolutely love who you are becoming.