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Negro Documentary


The site understands our sentiments. Thank you for promoting our rights and success! I’m confident that many people, other than me, are inspired because of your work.

-Shanice R.


I contacted the site for some advice. The receiving end listens extremely carefully, plus he was friendly and really fun to be around. So happy to have this site. I was once feeling inferior to any body, but now, I learned I can be assertive. Of course, without being aggressive. World peace!

-Aliyah H.


I have a whole new view of myself and how I choose to dress. What an incredible way to launch into my second half-century. Thanks!!!

-Nia W.


At first, the idea of visiting these kinds of sites was just to read something new. But now, I have seen the underlying vision and I have to say that it’s very inspiring. Thank you for inspiring our African-American sisters.

-Deja V.


The group who made this site are very genius! They were able to make a community of strong-willed African-Americans. It’s a huge step in fighting against racism. Indeed, we are equal! Thank you for opening the eyes of the many.

-Katie F.


I can’t say enough amazing things. I only wish there were ways I can help with your advocacy!

-Diamond G.


It’s more than looking great, it’s feeling great! Thank you for boosting my confidence.

-Jada V.

So glad to see you sticking around!

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