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Negro Documentary


He has spent time getting to know me and understands how to push me in a good way….he gets me. I love having him on my team!

-Ginger R.


He’s very knowledgeable, listens extremely carefully, plus he’s friendly and really fun to be around. So happy to have him in my life!

-Piper H.


I have a whole new view of myself and how I choose to dress. What an incredible way to launch into my second half-century. Thanks!!!

-Leneke W.


At first, the idea of using a stylist was very uncomfortable to me, but he has a way of quickly putting you at ease. He does amazing work!

-Karen V.


He is basically a fashion genius. Working with him boosted my confidence at a time in my life when I really needed it!

-Katie F.


He understood my style, how to make my tricky body look it’s best and add a bit of spice. I can’t say enough amazing things. I only wish there were more stars to give!

-Jen G.


He’s helped me incorporate more color into my outfits and I’ve received more compliments that I’ve gotten in a long time! It’s more than looking great, it’s feeling great!

-Steph V.

So glad to see you sticking around!

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