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Negro Documentary

Who we are

Negro Documentary is for the woman who is finally ready to stop playing small, say yes to her big vision and live life on her own terms – all while taking impeccable care of herself in the process.


In 2018, we launched this site as a random blog to document our journey to transform our lives and career. As we began to write about our life experiences from going natural, to dating, to quitting our first jobs, to traveling the world. We’ve connected with so many other black women who find themselves in a similar path. Since then, it has grown, beyond our wildest dreams, into a beautiful group of black women entrepreneurs all over the world who are very committed to their own happiness, success, and freedom!


Today, we get to help thousands of black women entrepreneurs through our inspiring contents, business programs, and transformational live events!


But our life wasn’t always like this. We aren’t always happy. We weren’t always successful. And we certainly weren’t always free. Nonetheless, we can do ANYTHING we want with our life and no one can stop us… but ourselves.

So glad to see you sticking around!

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