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Created in 1926 by historian Carter Woodson, Black History Month celebrates the many achievements of African-Americans, including black business women and men. If anyone knows the secrets to striving forward, breaking new ground and succeeding despite challenges, it would be… Continue Reading…


Negro Documentary joins with others across the nation in recognizing April as National African-American Women’s Fitness Month (NAAWFM). Entering its 12th year, this health observance was created to raise awareness about health issues that specifically impact African-American women and promote… Continue Reading…


Women of color don’t need to be told to “lean in.” Research shows that the vast majority of them have confidence and ambition, determination and desire. According to a recent Nielsen survey, for example, 64% of black women in the… Continue Reading…


My First Waxing Experience | Epilfree South Africa Review. I had my first ever waxing experience last week thanks to Epilfree and OMG has my life changed! I hadn’t ever gone waxing before last week and to be honest with you I… Continue Reading…


It’s been fun walking down memory lane this week! Let’s do a quick recap, shall we? So back in 2007, I started a blog, which led to me launching my first business as a nonprofit consultant, speaker and coach in… Continue Reading…


We like to convince ourselves that our world is equal. Sure we’re not slaves anymore, and I am not running around fixin’ to fetch Master some tea, but our worlds are very separate. Especially in the fashion industry. If you… Continue Reading…


In the Survival Bracelet Comparison, we included different ratings and comparisons in the selection. At the same time, leader boards will also be created to meet all customer requirements. The following lists are divided into compare, save money, new releases… Continue Reading…


Russian nesting dolls are popular with tourists who arrived in Moscow in connection with the World Cup 2018. Here starts the topic of this article Russian nesting doll how it’s made. Every day a lot of tourists come to the… Continue Reading…


Warm and cozy pajamas onesies are the top picks for matching couples onesies, sewn from a warm, non-allergenic material is fleece. Fleece soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch, it is easy to wash, does not require ironing and extra… Continue Reading…


Welcome back, y’all! I can’t believe I am a senior in college and my upcoming semester will be my last one. It seems like time just flew by! There are definitely a lot of things that I do to prepare… Continue Reading…



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